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Hi new to this forum. I have a Pro9000 single width garage door which has stopped opening properly, it's about 12 years old. When I press the opener the door opens a few inches stops and after a pause starts to close. By pressing the wall switch quickly I can stop the closing and it opens a little more and then repeats the closing action. I can get the door fully open by repeating the double click on the wall switch but it takes a while. It's the same process in reverse when I start to close the door.

Can anyone tell me from my description if it's possible to repair this fault? Is it diy-able? If it's not repairable can I just replace the motor and can I do that myself?

I've got a retractable door and I've checked the channels and it all seems clear.

If I need to replace the motor is it like for like or will I need new mounting etc.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

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