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Best choice 4 opposite swinging gates?
In my backyard I have a wood fence with a small normal door (for people) and a joining larger second door that when opened in conjunction with the small door make a gap large enough for a car.

[Image: Double%20Maine%20Rail%20Gate.gif]
**that is not my fence, that is just an example I found online that shows a similar setup

The catch is the larger door opens outward while the smaller door opens inward.

Cost is a big concern for me so I have spent the most time looking into the hydraulic arms (~$700 for the cheaper ones). But I have a few concerns:
1. Being able to configure one to swing outwards while the other swing inwards
2. Noise, its important the operation of the gate is virtually silent and I have read some of the cheaper arms can be rather noisy.
3. Long term reliability, I’ve read some of the cheaper arms can be very unreliable, requiring maintenance only after 6 months of use.

Both gates open/close is ease… wondering if anyone can recommend a better option?

It’s frustrating considering how light the gates are and that ~700 seems to only get me a loud, failure prone option haha

Hiya apeg. I would go for an electro mecanical set up. Cheaper than hydraulic. If you are using arms. Most have a 90 degree swing. (give or take) You would have to place one arm on the inside and one arm on the outside of the property. You can get arms that are designed to operate a 180 degree swing. But it depends how you want your set up to look. You could go for underground operators. But they are not cheap.



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