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Ditec swing gate openers
Hi. We recently had the the electronics on our swing gates upgraded. The old NICE system was over 20 years old. The local installer suggested a Ditec system. Its all Ditec kit, with Luxo arms and Cronus Video door panel and Doorbell 596 keypad.

This controls a double driveway gate and a single gate.

With the old NICE system we had the option of opening the double gates and them staying open until we pressed the button to close them again, i.e so the gates didn't automatically shut. All we did was press and hold the button on the remote control for 5 secs and that ensured the gates didn't automatically shut.

We were told this was not possible on the Ditec system and the only way to keep the gates from automatically closing was to block/cover the sensors after the gates were in the open position. Does this sound right?

I'm surprised this functionality is not available on the this newer gate electronics system!

Any advice appreciated.
The functionality depends on what options does the control board of the gate (the electronic unit to which the motors are connected) offer. You must identify the make and model of it and search for its installation manual.

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