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can someone help me please, when programming do i need to select semi auto or auto ?

Controlling 2 leaves, with remote and photocells
best regards,

Semi-auto means automatic closing disabled. Auto means automatic closing enabled. For the fine details, look at the table that lists the differences between the Ar, Sr, Ac, Sc & Ind logics of operation ( see manual at - page 3 - the table on the right ).
Thank you thm, that makes sense.

How do you slow the opening speed? They seem to close nicely against the stops but bang into the stops on opening. again any help would be great.
BFT LUX are hydraulic operators and as such, the control board should not electronically adjust force or speed (inc. slowdown) as evident in the table I mentioned (see the different values, in a number of options, between hydraulic and electromechanical operators). However, if the installer has selected the right operator (operators for especially wide leafs must be slower because the velocity of the leaf edge, for a given operator, increases proportionally with leaf width). and has properly installed it (especially in regards with the position of the rotation point of the operator in regards to the gate hinges - dimensions a & b, page 4 of ) the velocity of the edge of the leaf shouldn't be too high. Only other thing you can do AFAICT is installing pieces of rubber to the stops or leafs to cushion the impact.

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