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BFT Oro Swing Gate Openers
Hello, Hoping someone can help me. I have a set of these i have had 2 problems.
Firstly in the cold weather the right hand gate is so slow that it stops halfway and you have to open and close them several times before it will open fully. The colder it is the worst it is. Is this that the oil needs changing? (It has always worked fine in warm/mid-season weather) Or is it the motor unit that is on the way out? The date on them is 01/2009.
Secondly, the same right hand gate suddenly stopped working completely. I thought that it must finally need replacing, but, to be sure i first checked that i was getting 240v to it when i activated the gates which i was and then i swopped the motor connections over in the control box (i.e 456 to 789 and vice vera) the results where that now the left hand gate will only work in one direction and the right gate in the other (i mean one will only close and the other will only open.) I then put back the wiring to how it should be, and having a closer look i noticed that one of the capacitors is slightly discoloured (the wiring to it) so it looks like it's got too hot...? i then swopped over the capacitor wire connections (14 and 15) and this produced the same results as swopping the motor connections over. It is it simply the capacitor that i should change? Or is it a board problem? the relays all seem to click in and out as they should without any abnormalities as far as i can see...
Be really grateful for any help and advice on this Smile
You should change the capacitor.
Thanks. They are now working normally again.
Is this likely to have cured the problem with the cold weather as well?
And is it necessary to change the hydraulic oil in the motors?

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