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Gate Security Level
Hi all,

I have just moved into a house with a set of metal gates and I am thinking of electrifying them as we just never close them. In fact I close them once and a neighbour commented they hadn't been close for 15 years.

The gates are approx 5ft high and approx 5ft leaf. There not heavy as I have had them off to grease the hinges and I could just about manage by myself. I have a couple of questions

1. Can the gates be run off a battery that is charged via a solar panel

2. What stops a potential intruder forcing the gates open? How difficult are these systems to force? I know nothing will stop a determined thief but a delivery driver may try to open them. I don't want the gates to break every time a desperate UPS man turns up. Can some sort of lock be fitted?


Hi normally we use a stop in the ground at the centre of the gates when closed. The gates can only be pushed one way then so it is slightly harder to get through. It also helps to stop the gates blowing around in the wind. Solar powered systems are available. There are also drop locks available bft isn't a bad one at a reasonable cost and also a small sign could help on the gates to advise delivery guys not to push them.

Hope this helped

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