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gates keep tripping
hi, why are my gates tripping off the elctric in the house? Any ideas??
If it happens whenever you try to operate them then the problem might be either with the automation control board, the motor itself or the flashing light, if one exists (these are the common cases). A *qualified technician* can run a simple test to see which of the two causes the problem by disconnecting the motor and flashing light and testing the operation of the control board. This is mentioned in order to suggest that diagnosing the cause is usually easy and NOT to encourage you to do any testing/repair yourself.

However, if the problem is independent of the operation of the automation (ie at the moment you connect the power to the motor the breaker is tripped) then the list of potential problem areas would include the cable that provides power to the automation.

In any case, a qualified electrician or gate automation installer should be able to help you.
For Anything electrical to Trip the Power Breaker then you have a cable or motor going to earth or shorting. If it happens when then motors are triggered it is either a motor or cable connectiong them. In either case you would need a qualified gate installer or electrician to identify the problem

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