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At C61S I have the following problem:
Gate closed, post "FA"
Give command to open
Starts and stops after 3 cm.
On my screen appears “tP” and begins to count after time, the gate closes
If I cut the power before “tP” reach to 0 and reconect, on the screen I see “--“.
I press START command again, the gate opens up to limit swich and stops, on screen appears “FA”
gate closes after the set time.

What can I do

Supplied with Q60Sr is install guide which details the sequential programming to which the control board can calculate its correct opening / closing times. Now, the next question - is the automation operating on Magnetic limit switches or manual hammer type switch?. reason being, if it is a new install running of magnetic limits, if the control board parameter FN has not been changed from NO to SI - as soon as the magnet moves away from the motor, the motor will stop and think it has reached its point. This would always happen as inside the motor is a reed card that creates an electromagnetic field which the magnet distorts.

If you need further info, please email

Kind Regards

Gate Motors Technical Support

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