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EasyKA Keypad - How To Latch (Keep Gates Open)
I have just purchased a Easyka keypad and would like to configure it so that the gates (which are set to auto-close) can be held open when required. There appears to be two options but I am not completely sure about how they function and if this would work. The first is by using the bypass mode set in fail safe. In bypass mode does the strike relay latch in a closed position? The other method is to use the Aux relay N/O contacts with the aux mode set to 2100 i.e. mode 1 toggled and then add a Master user slot and assign it to the aux relay. Would both of these options work?
Regards, Malcolm

p.s. Just to say, this keypad is real quality, solid and very versatile. – highly recommended.
p.p.s, would be great if you could also sell the BDL-40 bell unit that works with it.
Hi, heres a copy of the latching instructions for the EasyBKA which should hopefully answer your question.

EASYBKA – Programming for Latching output

The Easybka Keypad can be setup for momentary switch or for latching output or both.

Latching output can only be achieved using the Aux relay of the keypad using Blue & Yellow Wires and can be setup as follows:

Setup a user code in the normal way and assign that code to a slot:
1. Power up keypad (Green ‘Mode’ light on)
2. Press # Twice (‘Door’ light turns Red, ‘Mode’ light off)
3. Enter Master Code 1234 (‘Door’ light turns Green)
4. Press 7 on Keypad (‘Door’ light turns Orange)
5. Press 001 To Assign Code Slot (‘Mode’ light flash Green)
6. Enter 4 Digit User Code (ie 1515 ‘Mode’ light stops flashing) This Assigns 1515 To User Slot 001
7. Press # TWICE To Exit Programming Mode

Now a Code is of 1515 is programmed into memory slot 001

We now need to assign the auxillary output to latch.

1. Press # Twice (‘Door’ light turns Red, ‘Mode’ light off)
2. Enter Master Code 1234 (‘Door’ light turns Green)
2. Press 6 on Keypad (‘Mode’ light flash Green)
3. Key 2100 into Keypad
4. Keypad Will Return To Normal Mode

Auxillary Output is now set to latch .

Now We need to assign the memory slot 001 to just activate the Auxillary outputs.

1. Press # Twice (‘Door’ light turns Red, ‘Mode’ light off)
2. Enter Master Code 1234 (‘Door’ light turns Green)
3. Press 9 on Keypad (‘Door’ light turns Orange, ‘Mode’ light turns Green)
4. Enter User Slot ID (ie 001) (‘Mode’ light flash Green)
5. Enter 2 to select Aux Relay
6. Press # TWICE To Exit Programming Mode

Now When you type in the code 1515 it will latch the relay until the code 1515 is used to release it.

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Myself Adam Brown and i am using the same the EasyBKA well i am also facing the same thing as the other user posted,thanks easygates for your reply and i already done these things and i am completely working.

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