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wiring or C11 board problem
can anyone advise me,i have 2 winged gates with sub300 drives controled by a C11 board,ii had a problem with one of the motors and fitted a new one,since this i cant get the gates to operate properly,i have started from scratch again but when i press the learn button the lights in the photo cells go out and the learn/timer light flashes rapidly,the gates do open and close but they are all out of sequence
You need to get the gates into the close possition. The Setup from scratch as if you were installing a new system ie reset the board with jumper to learn the safety circuit the press L1 to programme motors and set the limit then all should be fine.

If you need the instructions please call our offices and we can Email them for you
thanks mark i will trythat if it does not work i will email you a diagram of the way its wired if you wouldnt mind havin a look,we have a timer fitted to the system so the loop and trademans buttons do not work at night i would apreciate a diagram to discribe this wiring if you could many thanks john clarke

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