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Fitting a bft kit with rigel 5, photocells, keypad, loop detector help

I hope you can help me. My brother (who is a qualified electrician) has asked me to help him install gate automation for a friend. We are both having a bit of difficulty understanding the wiring diagrams.

We have a pair of Lux hydraulic rams, a Rigel 5 control panel, a VX800 (2 2L) keypad, a pair of photocells (not sure what make), a loop relay (I believe a Procon) and an exit button.

We understand the connections for the rams & capacitors.

I believe that the VX800 should be connected:
Power is connected from 20 & 21 on Rigel to 1 & 2 on VX, connect terminal 3 (C1) on VX to 27 on Rigel, connect terminal 4 (NO1) on VX to 29 on Rigel

I believe the exit button should be connected across terminals 2 & 10 on the VX.

For the photocells I believe the TX power should be connected to 20 & 44 on the Rigel and the RX power to 20 & 21. I can’t remember the make of the cells but I do remember that the RX only had 4 connections, which is confusing as the diagrams in the Rigel manual all show 5. Would these go to 35 & 36 on the Rigel or do you need more information?

The loop defeats me completely, but I guess you would need more information before you can advise me.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
Hi, with the VX800 I am not sure as I have never used one, but mostly all keypads have 2 wires for power and 2 for the trigger. So it looks like the connections you have said are correct. But the connections 27 and 29 on the Rigel 5 are pedestrian input so it will only open 1 gate. If that’s what you require then it is correct. If you want the keypad to open both gates you need to connect 3 and 4 on the vx800 to 27 and28.

Again with the VX800 I am unfamiliar with the keypad so I am not sure which the exit button should be connected to. Instead of connecting the push to exit button to the keypad, you can connect it to 27 and 28 on the rigel 5 ( for both gates ) or 27 and 29 (for 1 gate).

With the photocells, the power can be connected to 20 and 21 on both the TX and the RX. If you have 4 connections on the RX, 2 will be power, the other 2 will be to 35 and 36 on the rigel 5. These maybe marked up on your cells as NC and C.

With your loop detector you should have 2 wires for power which go to 20 and 21 (depending on the voltage of your loop detector), 2 wires for the trigger, maybe marked up NO and C, these should go to connections 27 and 28 on the rigel 5 to trigger the gates to open. You should also have 2 wires that go to the loop in the ground. Your loop should work with default settings but if not you may need to adjust sensitivity on the detector. - EasyGates Home

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