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Daitem Equipment Compatibility
Hi All, I have a set of double gates and pedestrian gate. Installed 10 years ago were a Daitem D5201U contoller, a single dweller caller unit and a NICE keypad attached. Inside the house we have 2 Daitem D5101U battery chargeable handsets.

These were all installed before we moved in, but worked fine, until this winter. The latch on the single gate would not (intermittently) open with the code or via the handset. We had to open with a key and kept missing visitors/deliveries as the buzzer would not work either.

In the end we gave up and had someone install a new keypad (Daitem D5821) and a new controller (D5200). It works fine except the chap could not get our old Daitem handsets (D5101U) to work with the system. Now if a visitor presses the buzzer we here the bell via the handset, however, we cannot open either of the gates via the handset.

He said it was because we had use normal Duracell AAA batteries in the handset, rather then rechargeable ones....I'm not convinced of this as it worked fine for years with normal batteries.

Is there a compatibility issues with the new D5200 controller/D5821 keypad and our old D5101U handsets?

I've seached everywhere online and cannot find any info on it.

We have attempted the radio recognition test several times.

Is it time to upgrade the handset to the new D5131 model?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks. R
The "U" series handsets are not compatable with the newer keyapds and controllers. FACT. i've had this fact verified by diarme/logistys technical director Phill Hand.
I Know this from expereince if you load them into the system, when the call station rings the handset all you will hear is white noise and none of the functions will work all though it does ring.
So in effect all you are left with is a glorified door bell.

Only way to overcome this is two change the handsets.
Makers and installers of fine gates for over 60years

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