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Wireless Intercom Conflict
Hi all just signed up, thought it polite to say hello, and no the B does not stand for Bill.

My thread I hope can help me in trying to find out why I am getting an error on the GSM side of my recent installation of a Came Frog & the wireless GSM gate entry point. It appears random in the fact that if I use the key fob and interrupt the gate opening cycle the intercom sounds a "B" bleeping noise, which in turns cause the GSM system to fail to work. Is it possible that by my action of interrupting the opening cycle is in turn causing the GSM box of tricks to get confused and is perhaps attempting to reset it's self hence the beeping and loss of function.

Any help would be appreciated.

It Is Sounding like the GSM is Dropping Voltage or Droping Signal and causing i reset i would make sure the Power Supply for the GSM unit is okay and is not droping voltage anytime.
Dear Easygates Technical Support Team, first of all thanks for your response, I think I have found a solution, which was to install a high gain aerial/antenna with shielded cable, this has taken the signal strength from 1-2 and lifted it up giving a reading of 3-4 so at the moment no bleeping noise.

Fingers crossed this resolves the issue Smile

Once again thanks for showing some interest in helping.

Happy Christmas to all.
Glad you got this sorted with low signal area the better cable you can use will help cutting down on EMF generated from electric motors. A Brief explanation is as the motor moter is creates a magnetic field which can interfere with radio devices especially if they have low signal to start with. A Good example is if using an electric Lawn Mower near a FM Radio The Radio will crackle and cause interference. But sound like you problems are sorted out
If your wireless intercom get conflict and you interrupted the opening cycle then yes, GSM box get confused and attempts to reset it and then sounds like beeping. If you are not able to reduce this problem then our system is the best to help you.

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