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Copying BFT Mitto Remotes
Hi all - after a bit of help as i have now spent hours on this and can't work out what the issue may be.

I have gates controlled by BFT and also 2 electric garage doors, all 3 are remotely controlled with BFT Mitto 4 button remotes.

I purchased some additional Type B RCB 4 remotes this week and successfully added them to the electronic panel for the gates. This all worked as it should
I then went on to copy the existing remote to the new remote for the garage doors. ( They are Marentec comfort 220 door controllers, although I don't think that makes any difference).

In the past I have simply pressed the secret button on the existing remote followed by the button i want to copy and then on the new remote i have pressed the secret button and then the button i want to copy the code to. This time it doesn't work - tried multiple times and it just won't work. A few questions to clarify my understanding

1) As far as i am aware this procedure has nothing to do with the control board at the gates - this is merely the two remotes talking to each other ? ( i spoke to BFT and they said that that is correct )

2) I don't have to be in range of the garage door openers as again I think its just the two remotes that are involved in this procedure ?

If the above is true why would it not be working - am i missing something ? Would there be a reason why the existing remotes are not entering into the learning mode for instance ?

Any help or suggestions appreciated

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