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Wiring control panel apritech mach2 230v

Hi sorry to trouble you, but I was reading your post on this topic and I have just installed some gates and the wiring info you gave has been very helpful
The problem is I cannot get the gates to close and open fully, they seem to stop around 12" short of the stops. Any ideas. Many thanks Steve.                                

It am not familiar with this particular control panel but the following are more or less generic instructions.

Neutral should be connected to the contact that also connects to contacts 3, 8 and 11 (sometimes it is easy to find out just by looking the copper paths on the back side of the control board - failing that, use the continuity check function of a multimeter).

Keep in mind that the control board will work regardless of the way you connect phase and neutral on contacts 1 & 2. However, for safety reasons (control board relays should control the phase, in the same way switches are wired to control the phase, so that, when not activated, danger of electric shock is minimized) proper connection is important. You are absolutely right in wanting to sort this out.

The manual suggests that this particular control board is not connected to ground. That means you only have to connect ground straight to the grounding wire(s) of the operator(s).

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