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Remote problem - Nickhh - 15-09-2014


I have a scs300 with cb24 control and 2x94335e remotes. I inherited the system with the house, so I don't know how it behaved when new but I think it's about 3 years since installation.

The problem is the length of time I have to press the buttons on the remote to open the gates, sometimes they open immediately other times I have to press the button for up to 10 seconds and all variations in between. It does not matter if button 1 or button 2, or which remote is used. I have erased the remote memory in the control panel and re-learnt them, it has made no difference.

I have also put new batteries in the remotes, that made no difference either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



RE: Remote problem - Technologic Systems - 30-09-2014

This sounds like a short on the Antenna Wires or Water ingress on the Antenna Connections or a Radio Board that has gone deaf which ususally happens after power surges or static storms ie lightening.
I would remove the antenna and clean all the connections on the antenna with wire wool or sandpaper and reconnect them if that fails try replacing the radio module.
Also the receiver is not very well protected against interference so if any local antennas or traffic lights have gone up locally that could be blocking your signals