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Full Version: Nice A400 automatic search
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Hey everyone, 

After days of avid searching the Internet for my problem, I stumbled upon this excellent forum.  
I'm hoping I can get some help with my issue, or at least get some pointers from the more experienced users.

I have a Nice Wingokit WG400 with a Nice A400 control unit. I recently replaced the control unit with one of the same model and when setting it up, I run into a frustrating problem. 
Gate set up:
  - 2 WG4000 motors for 2 gates 
  - no connections for Photocells at all. The only things connected to the motherboard are the motors and all NC inputs are shorted to Common. No other accessories. 

When doing the automatic search, a sequence begins, but it stops midway as described below: 

– Motors open briefly, first M2 and then M1    - > runs OK  
– Motor M1 closes until the closing mechanical stop is reached.   - > runs OK 
– Motor M2 closes until the closing mechanical stop is reached    - > runs OK 
– Motor M2 begins opening.  - > NOT OPENING 
– After the programmed delay, motor M1 begins opening.   -> NOT OPENING 

So the gates remain closed and never open to complete the sequence. A clicking sound from the control pannel is heard, like a switch trying to open/close, but the gates never open. 

Any thoughts on what I should be checking ?  

Thank you !
Found the bug! I had to connect the photocells for the automatic search to perform correctly. Testing with all NC inputs shorted to Common, did not cut it.
All is working fine now. The learning procedure completed successfully.