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CAME F1000 & ZA4 tripping electrics - diagnosis?
Morning all
Bit of a puzzler here - our gates have started tripping the main RCD in the house (but never their own MCB), and I'm not familiar enough with the circuitry to work out why...

Things I've discovered so far...

With both gate motors connected, the gates operate for about a second, then it trips

With the right hand motor disconnected and the left one connected, I get the same result - one second of operation then trips

With the left hand motor disconnected and the right hand motor connected, the RH gate motors all the way open. Ah-ha, thinks I, it's a faulty motor on the LHS. I'll change that and all will be well. Not so... as soon as the RH gate tries to close again, the RCD trips.

Any ideas what to test next please, or what might be causing this tripping? Also, any idea how to dismount/re-mount a motor? I've got the LHS one half out and now it'll neither come out further nor go back in!

All assistance appreciated
Hello Andrew,

You may need the cables tested, i.e. insulation resistance testing, to check the integrity of the cabling which is feeding the motor its voltage/current. This could be causing the power trip.

I will link the manual to the F1000 below. I hope this helps.

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