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Fob half working!
Hi Folks,

we have 3 gates in our apartment block (1 is shared main gate with another complex and the other 2 are solely internal  for us - so I'm guessing 2 codes? as other complex fobs don't open our 2 gates). Thin kit might be a rolling code from a quick google

Any way I have 3 fobs that all worked previously.

Prastel BFOR3
Prastel MPSTPE

and an unknown brand (attached)

Both the Prastels have stopped working on our internal gates (they still open the shared gate)...this seemed to happen after the batteries died and were replaced!

Is there a way I can clone the Prastels back working or clone a generic fob from the working "unknown brand".

*All gates opened using 1 button - the other buttosn on the fobs never opened any gate

It's an apartment complex and management company want 150€ for a new fob!!!!!

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