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Nice Robus 600 Photocells
I have replaced sliding gate opener with Nice Robus 600 and I am having problems with photocells. Original Photocell that is fitted is RP25 reflective photo electric switch. New motor has bluebus control. Do I need to replace the photocell or can I connect existing photocell to new robus 600 motor. I tried connecting photocell across open contacts on robus 600 it seemed to work fine if gate was closing and I broke the beam gate would open again. Only problem is that when gate is fully closed if my dog runs up to the gate and breaks the beam the gate opens. Do photocells have to be connected to bluebus circuit. I only want photocell for safety to ensure that gate wont close whilst car is in its path. Can anyone help with this problem please. I have a set of V2 Sensiva xs photocells which I could fit if these could do the job. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks. Les

only two wires photocells for bluebus magistrala instalation

technically there is second option

between STOP and PP terminals there is 24 v dc output that where you can power up your uniwersal photocell .
And photocell relay output going to STOP terminal . DO you have manual ?
Best Regards 

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