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Daitem SC900AX Not Working - Help Please!
I've had a Daitem SC900AX for just over 3 years (the one with no keypad on the intercom, just the call button; the battery powered wireless box and the handset inside).

A few weeks ago it started only working intermittently - I'd have to scan the key fob several times, the call button would work, then wouldn't - then it stopped altogether.
I presumed it was the batteries (I don't have it mains powered), even though it wasn't displaying low battery on the handset.
Therefore I replaced both batteries, but still the same - no response with a keyfob or pressing the call button - that part appears dead.

In the main controller, it has power - the digit display is illuminated, but only displays '8' (as in completely on). The LED doesn't flash when any of the buttons are pressed as the instructions say it will.

I've opened all the units and don't see any water damage.
Could anyone please help me with some advice of how to get it working again?
Happy to elbaorate or investigate if needed.

Thank you for you time.

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