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Came gate opening adjustments

We have a pair of heavy gates powered by Came Ferni operators with a ZL19N controller. The closing works well but the opening doesn't. The closing and opening limit switches on the Fernis are adjusted to with 500 mm of the closed position and fully open position respectively, as specified in the book. The adjustments to enable force limitation during closing have been done. During closing the gates move at normal speed until the limit switches then go into slow speed until each leaf contacts the mechanical stop. However when opening, when each leaf reaches it's limit switch, the leaf stops suddenly without going into a deceleration mode as with the opening. The leaves are stopping well short of their mechanical end stops. The result is the arms and brackets as well as the operators are being subjected to excessive forces and the plastic gear in one operator has already failed.

I am a little confused by the markings on the trimmers on the circuit board and wonder if the English translation of the respective function of each trimmer is correct. For example the description for trimmers 9, 10 and 11 on the diagram is:-
9) Trimmer to adjust the stop zone (open/closed position)
10) Trimmer for adjustment of automatic closing
11) Trimmer for adjustment of delay on closing cycle motor n.2

The markings on the board for each trimmer is:-
9) + OP.TIME -
10)+ A.C.T. -
11)+ DELAY 2M -

These instructions have been done:-

After setting the slow down spacing (ref. C fi g. 3) with the “adjust microswitches” procedures shown in the gearmotor’s manual…
…take the template - which is supplied with the control panel - and hold it up against one of the two mechanical stops as shown in fig. 1 (adjustment is to be made either on the closing endstop or opening
Activate the gate - either using a command button or the remote control - and turn the OP TIME trimmer clockwise until the gate leaf inverts its direction just as it touches the obstacle/template.
Then turn the template from its short side (fig. 2) and turn the OP TIME trimmer counterclockwise until the gate leaf stops against the obstable/template.
With two-leaved gates, this procedure must be performed on either side.

What am I missing?

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