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Problem opening - mousetarget - 18-01-2020

Windy night on Thursday and when I came home I found my wife had closed the gates but the front one was behind the other - they were closed but not in the correct order if you know what I mean. Wind.consequently was catching one a bit anyway sorted it out eventually but when I came to open the. This morning the left gate wouldn’t open, I could hear power to it but nothing. I took it off it’s track manually with the orange key and opened it, I then turned the orange key clockwiise to put the gate back on the track. It now closes fine but struggles to open with a loud clicking noise which get worse towards the end of it opening. I’ve tried a few times now taking it on and off it’s track to make sure I’m putting it on okay but it’s the same every time - anyone have any ideas? 

As the manual instructs I move the gate as I turn the orange key clockwise to put it back on track.

RE: Problem opening - mousetarget - 20-01-2020

Quick update - the left gate closes fine but struggles to open on its own without assistance - anyone have any ideas?