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Strange gate opening issue (NICE) - FrNiscars - 27-09-2018

Hi, I fitted a set of NICE POP/HOPP gates about 5 years ago and they have been working very well since then.  This week a fault has developed which I just can't fathom.  

The LH gate has stopped opening.  It closes fine but won't open.
The RH gate opens and closes correctly in the pedestrian mode but when I try and open both gates for the car, the RH gate opens first (fine) but when it gets to the point where the LH gate should start to open, the system stops and I get an 11 flash error code.  The manual only lists faults up to 9 flashes!
I have cleaned and checked the wiring between the two motors.
Disconnected Bluebus sensors for a trial - no difference.
Removed and cleaned the pins of the POA3 control unit.
Finally, I reset the system to factory settings and tried to get it to ‘Learn’ again both in Auto and Manual modes.  That all worked fine until the LH Gate was asked to open, then the system stops.

The gates are on flat level ground and both swing freely when the motors are disengaged.

I spoke to someone at NICE UK tech support who suggested the 11 flashes 'might' indicate an open circuit or loose connection on the slave motor but I can find no evidence of this.  If that were the case, then wouldn't it affect the closing of the gate also?

Can anyone shed any light on this for me please?


RE: Strange gate opening issue (NICE) - Automatic-TC - 28-09-2018


have you checked resistance on that wire ? I mean motor wire

RE: Strange gate opening issue (NICE) - FrNiscars - 29-09-2018

Hi, thanks for the reply. I haven't got an actual number but I have tested the wire between the two motors with the multimeter and the wire appears to be good.

RE: Strange gate opening issue (NICE) - RyanB - 09-11-2018


You may want to run a new cable above the ground to completely rule out the cable and see if this allows the motor to run. This would be for testing purposes only. If the fault persists it could be another issue, possibly a panel fault.