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GiBiDi timing setup - high-beeches - 22-08-2018

Have a GiBiDi F/3 Plus Control Box PCB 1780 which drives a GiBiDi Modo Hydraulic Ram.
This open/closes a 5 bar farm type gate on rising hinges to lift the gate up a sloping drive.
The gate takes 30s to open as it's uphill and 15s to close as it's downhill.
There are 4 adjustment trimmers:
T1 for adjusting the opening time of the gate motor.  Doesn't seem to affect anything.
T2 for adjusting the pause for automatic closing.  Works ok.
T3 for adjusting the working time.  Very sensitive setting.
T4 for adjusting the closing delay.  Works ok.
Having trouble setting up the opening and closing times separately.
Any suggestions appreciated.