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Full Version: Link Came F7000 gate openers to Enterview 3 Intercom
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Hi All,

Firstly, finding this site has given me hope in a time where we are all having to get jobs done at home! We bought a house and it had Came F7000 electric gate openers that work really well. Problem has been that there was an intercom system left with the house but it was never installed. It is an Enterview 3 system and I have attached the relevent drawings from the manuals for the gate openers and the intercom. 
I have wired in the intercom and this is successfully working but there are two black cables in the back of the intercom that are to connect to the gates to enable door opening from the phone side of the intercom when you press the lock button. Long story short, would anybody be able to give advice on how to wire the intercom to my gates? I believe the wires from the intercom would have to connect to the "ES" connections on the gate motherboard? 

Many thanks in advance, I really appreciate any advice I receive!

Kind regards, Jack
Correct should be 2 leads coming off the camera module, let me know what control board u have and I’ll let you know where it wires to
Wire to 2 and 7 either way round doesn’t matter, just seen what panel it was