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Full Version: Broken bft gates
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Hi all,

I am new to this site, so please be kind

This morning my bft swing gates opened fine, but now they will not move!

I have read other posts and the display in the main box says phot

When I press the open button the display changes from phot to strt then straight back to phot

I have cleaned the 4 sensors inside and out and am at a loss

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks


i would recommend removing all cells and running short leads from the cells directly to the panel.

this most likely will be a short on the cable causing the cells to go open circuit.

if not possible please bell out the cables for a continuity check.
“Phot”is a fault on safety circuit. I’d check each set of beams, one side of each set of beam should be clicking as you cover/uncover. If neither on 1 set are clicking you likely have some faulty beams. Check phot PCBs for corrosion/insects.. they may have blown your accessories fuse. Do you have any lights on any of them?