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Full Version: Failure after short time
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my SLY500K2 on sliding gate has worked well for some time. Suddenly all openers fail. Reset and they all work but only for a short time. They will all be ok after a reset and then fail again. The key switch is the same. Power is OK. I am flummoxed can you help please
I noticed that the photocells were not illuminated when gate failed.
When they came on again bingo gate worked.
I concluded poor photo cell connection maybe due to rain.
However next thing failure when photocell illuminated.
I then turned power off and on and operation returned
What can I conclude?
My thought is bad connection what say you and where to look
Hi, it sounds to me there may be something wrong with your board as limits should not be forgotten by the panel.

could you check the back of the panel for any burning or water marks as this may cause the panel to fault, could i also ask what cells you are using are they the 772E