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Full Version: Replace photo cell?
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Hello All!
Relatively experienced general DIYer here...
I've inherited a CAME single post-mounted gate opener which apparently used to work until it became a nuisance and the arm was disconnected. Now I have a 2 year old and it would help to keep the gate closed I find I am a photocell down.
Diagrams I've seen seem to show a single circuit ring of safety cells, two on the post side and two on the latch side. Powered at one end only the IR signal seems to be relayed on and reflected back to the control, box but my setup is different. Mine has the two post side units (receivers?) hard wired into the control box and two battery operated (transmitters?) screwed to the fence opposite. It's the interior unit I'm missing. Are these battery operated units (I think its a DBCT?) dumb in that they just reflect back and are swappable with a new unit or must they be matched in some way?
Many thanks in advance.