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Full Version: How to program new universal control to work with FAAC receiver
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Hi Guys,
I already passed three days on the following problem, so hopefully one of you many have the solution.
FAAC Gate;
Main PCB = 450 MPS Control panel
Receiver = FAAC RP 433 ESL
Remote Control (transmitter) = TML2 433 ESL
- This FAAC gate tx/rx uses fixed code, 433.92Mhz
- The gate and the original remote control fully function
- The security jumber LK1 has not been removed in the original FAAC remote control

Ref to: http://www.faac.fr/uploads/media/PLUS_433_multi.pdf

As I only have one Remote control and now have teenage daughters who drive, after seeing some how-to videos on youtube (inc this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbUbKXvKUb4), I purchased six # universal remote controls on ebay.
(From all the youtube video I have seen the model I have is very popular examples

The problem are:
- After following the A&B clear memory procedure, - the six remote control ‘seem’ to have successfully received the code from the working FAAC remote control. (Or at least the LED on the new remotes say they are programmed).
- The problem is none of the newly programed remotes fail to open the gate or turn on the LED in the ‘FAAC RP 433 ESL’ as the original does.
(As an extra step - assuming the remotes are programmed correctly, I also followed the official step 5.2 procedure in this FAAC pdf (http://www.faac.fr/uploads/media/PLUS_433_multi.pdf). However the FAAC received failed to do anything/did not detect the new remotes.

Thus I am a little stuck;
Assuming that all six new universal remotes are not duds and also assuming that the FAAC RP 443 ESL will/should work with universal remotes controls of this type;
Can anyone tell me the correct procedure to get a universal remote control to work with a FAAC RP 443 ESL receiver?

Thank you for your help,

If you have purchased universal remote controls off ebay, im guessing they are silver and black with a red led when the button is pressed. Technology in the remote known has rolling code. These remotes are not reliable and cannot clone every remote on the market. You will probably find they are not compatible. When buying new remotes for a Faac system you will be better buying the original remotes as they are reliable and guaranteed to work.