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Full Version: Difficulty installing Faac gate opener
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I purchased a Faac gate motor, control unit and two remotes from a showground. Two years later I am ready to install. I have made and installed the gate with spline welded below pivot. The motor, control unit and remotes each have manuals containing information poorly translated into English and I cannot follow them. I am trying to email Faac UK for advice but so far received no response. Are there local installers? I live near Oswestry, Shropshire.
If these are original FAAC parts, you can also look here for English installation instructions:


Though (or maybe because) I'm not a native English speaker myself, I find the English versions of most of their manuals rather well written but the truth is that most of them are meant for a technical audience and not DIY users.

BTW, which models are your operator, control board, receiver and remotes ?