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Full Version: BFT Control Panel Manuals
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Below is a list of manuals for the most common BFT Control panels.

Rob from Mustang land

I have a BTF gate opener but cannot find the model number. The motors have the word Lobo inscribed on the top inspection plate of each motor.
The motors are vertical with two articulated arms
The motors are not getting current
I supsect the fuse has gone

If you post a few photos of your system we can try identify these for you?

Hi there,
I have a BFT gate opener , I cannot match it with any of the control panels listed here.
I plan to use an internet controled relay to open and close the gate remotely. I do it now but I have to connect the relay on a remote control which does not work all the time because of misc reasons (interfearense, batteries etc.) Are there any pins to OPEN/CLOSE the door?
I would also like to ask what do I need to add an infrared mechanism to stop the gate frrom opening or closing when there is an obstacle in front of the door.
Thank you
This is a photo of the board